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Liberty 4Ft. Professional Series Rotary

Liberty 4Ft. Professional Series Rotary

Product Description

The Liberty 4Ft. Pro Series Rotary Tiller is ideal for your crop and soil needs. The 30 cast iron tines rotate to skillfully till your soil. While gear the driven drive train ensures professional results consistently. The 4ft working range allows you to till precisely and rapidly. Its compact size enables you to maneuver easily within tighter spaces. Your property and farm depend on the performance of the Liberty 4Ft. Pro Series Rotary Tiller.
$ 2399.99
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Hitch Category 1
HP Range 15-40hp
Spline Standard 6-Spline
PTO Shaft Length 27”
Gear System Oil Gear Driven Train
Tilling System 4 Flange Multi-Tine Configuration
Tilling Tines 30 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Tines
Adjustable Tilling Depth 2”-6”
Weight 620lbs.
Tiller Spin Direction One way – Forward
Warranty 2-years